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Particle Designer 2

As an addition to Particle Designer 1.2, version 2 has a huge amount of updates. This program allows you to create 3 particles at once with all of the functions available in GM6+, but it also allows you to create emitters, attractors, changers, deflectors, and destroyers as well. With its easy interface and random generating particles, you will be able to create particle effects and particle systems quickly! You can export the entire system to GML to use in your game, or take screenshots and animated GIFs. This program doesn't even need to be used for games, it makes nice looking effects for anything!

Major features:
--All functions for a particle type for a single particle
--Great user interface
--All functions for the emitter, attractor, changer, deflector, and destroyer.
--Generate random particle settings
--Lock settings so they aren't affected by random option
--Import a GML file
--Export the particles, a tab, or the particle system to GML
--Export the above to the clipboard
--Save and open PDSF files, which include codebox gml
--Full capability to use external sprites
--Take screenshots of the particle, and even save GIF animations
--Shortcut keys
--Preferences for testing and exporting particles
--Fullscreen capabilites
--Very functional codebox for changing values while testing.
--Detailed help files to help with using the program, and putting particles into your game


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Version 2.5 Updates:
  • Option to click the mouse to emit particles
  • Widened the viewing area a small bit
  • Added a Loading Sprite dialog with centering feature
  • New menu system to resolve errors
  • Added Background alpha feature as an effect
  • Added "Move all this Type" option
  • Added a comment to indicate where the particle code starts
  • Fixed emitter particle numbers in the tab
  • Fixed filename problem when using sprites
  • Fixed an error when exporting particle to clipboard
  • Now exports commented background color and alpha to load in the program
  • Changed the crash prevention to allow lower room speed than it
  • Attractor force values in multiple tabs bug fixed
  • Fixed incorrect Xmax and Ymax for the destroyer
  • Fixed bug when copying a destroyer
  • Fixed the Lock/Unlock all button
  • Fixed some dialog messages and added more help tips
  • Fixed emitter still streaming a particle if emitter is deleted
  • Added a semicolon after each function in the export
  • Help files improved
  • Added langauge support
Version 2.5.1-2.5.3:
  • Added "Destroy off-screen particles"
  • Fixed display glitch switching to tabs in advanced mode
  • Fixed display of some characters for other languages
  • Fixed other display bugs
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Released(2.5): March 13th, 2010 (2.5.1): April 25th, 2010 (2.5.3): December 4th, 2012
File size: ~3MB

Any donations are much appreciated for this free, four year+ on-going project.

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